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Seka Aleksić

Music artist

Seka was born on 23rd of April 1981 in Zvornik, Bosnia and Herzegovina. She started her music career in 2002. Until today, she has released six albums. Throughout her career she has been engaged in humanitarian work and in 2008 she established her own charity fund Deci s ljubavlju (To Children with Love), which is intended for children without parental care. So far, she has done many charity actions and concerts. She points out that she engages in humanitarian work with all her heart and she is proud of that.

Jova Radovanović

Actor, musician and comedian

Jova Radovanović began his career in the band, which was founded by the name Domino. The members of Domino soon disbanded, so he moved to the band Veseli Bendža. After less than a year, he came to the band Sedmorica mladih. The band Sedmorica mladih entered the Guinness Book of Records as an ensemble with the longest service of 33 years. In nineties, Radovanovic began his solo career as an entertainer. From 2002 to 2004 he run his own show program called Povuci ručnu, which was broadcasted on TV Pink. As a familiar face, he appeared in many movies, TV series and shows, often playing himself. He is married to his wife Koviljka. He has three children, a son and twin daughters.

Dragutin Topić

Athlete champion

Dragutin Topić, 12.03.1971. The winner of national awards, deserving athlete and deserving coach of the Republic of Serbia. Double European champion for seniors in the high jump, a participant of the six Olympic Games. World record holder for juniors. A husband of Biljana Topić and father of Angelina and Sofija Topić.

Milan Djurdjevic


Milan Đurđević (31.03.1967. Valjevo) is the founder of the cult band Neverne bebe, conceptual leader, author of music and lyrics, pianist, vocal, arranger and producer. He is one of the most respected pianists in the Balkans. In his career with the band Neverne bebe, he recorded six studio albums, many the most broadcasted TV spots in the region and his song Dvoje (The Two) has been declared hit of the decade. A big concert in Kombank Arena in front of over 12,000 fans in December last year, successfully marked the anniversary of two decades of the band. Of the nearly 2,000 concerts the band played throughout the region and the Europe, almost 200 had humanitarian character.

Irina Vukotić

TV Presenter

She graduated from the Faculty of Philology, University of Belgrade, Department of Serbian Language and Literature. Since year 2000, she has been working on the television. She started her career in the Third Channel of the Radio Television Serbia in the shows Dodatno ubrzanje, 3K check in, Radovanje (broadcast of the Olympic Games in Athens). After that, she moved to the production company Emotion where she was the editor and presenter of TV shows Sve za ljubav and Veliki brat (Big Brother). Since 2011 she has been a TV face of Prva Television and the presenter of the shows Žene (Women) and Ples sa zvezdama (Dancing with the Stars).

Sara Jovanovic


She was born on October 29, 1993 in Roma. She appeared on the stage in 2012 as a participant in a music show -Prvi glas Srbije- (-The First Voice of Serbia-), where she won the third place. The following year, as a member of the group -Moje tri- (My Three), with the song -Ljubav- (Love), she represented Serbia at the 58th Eurovision Song Contest in Malmo. She was part of the first season of the humanitarian show program -Tvoje lice zvuci poznato- (Your face sounds familiar), where she won the second place.

Zeljko Vasic


He was born on 10th of December 1979 in Zajecar. He is married and has two chidren.

Ognjen Amidzic

TV presenter

Ognjen Amidžić is Serbian famous musician and television presenter. He was born in Sabac in 1975 and since 1991he begins working on TV Sabac where he broadcasted the music show Vi-Dzej 015. After completing High School in Sabac, he went to study in Belgrade. He began to work on radio station Beograd 202 and after that on RTS where he broadcasted a popular music show Garaza. In 2001 he moved to TV Pink, where he designed a new form of entertainment morning program. The guests were coming to his bed and he was presenting the show in his pajamas. Four years later, with Marinko Madzgalj, he established a pop band “Flamingosi” and on TV Pink they had a show called “Cao Darvine”. He is currently running a show on TV Pink called “Amidzi Show”, in which the host is Oskar, Ognjen’s alter ego.

Danica Maksimovic


Danica Maksimovic graduated from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade and her first movie role was in 1980 in the movie “Hajduk”. For a long time she has hold the main roles of the Terazije Theater repertory. During the nineties, Maksimovic played a cabaret called “Godine zapleta”. She was a President of the Association of Dramatic Artists of Serbia and since 1997 has the status of a free artist. She was awarded Sterija Award. Younger audience remembers her for her role in the serials “Laku noc deco”. Danica Maksimovic played the main role in the first Serbian tele-novela “Jelena”.

Legende Band

Music Band

The band “Legende” was founded in Belgrade in 1988. To date, the band Legende has held more than 1700 concerts in Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Poland, Cyprus, Sweden, Slovenia, Switzerland, Austria, Canada, Germany, Australia, USA, Russia and France. The band is the recipient of many awards and honors: 10 awards “Oskar popularnosti”, 9 honors “Melko”, 7 awards “Zlatni Melos”, “Zlatni Violinski Kljuc”, the award of PGP for the circulation, 4 gold records, Beovision award for the song from the movie “Jesen stize dunjo moja”, large number of awards for charity concerts, awards from several local festivals. The band Legende is ten times proclaimed for the band of the year and the last honor was received in November 2011 – the seventh “Zlatni Melos”. In addition to these awards, the band is the winner of “Zlatna palma” and “Beogradski pobednik”.

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